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KTB Music's Story

About Us

Our mission at KTB Music is simple: to bring music to people from all walks of life. We are dedicated to bringing a better quality of musical life through education, entertainment, self-growth and self-confidence to communities by establishing strong relationships with both businesses and individuals.

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Where we started...

In 1999, aged 11, Katy Bradley started teaching basics to younger locals. From there, her love of music and teaching grew, to the point where KTB Music was formed in 2009. Over ten years later, KTB Music is no longer just a music school, but an organisation which provides so much more. 

Where we're going...

KTB Music is now run by a busy team of professionals, providing educational outreach and individual development alike. We strive to bring musical enrichment to as many as possible in our community, and hope to carry this on for many years to come.

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